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Tinnitus Treatment Centre ReviewThis health centre specializes in tinnitus and has been conduction researches and offering treatments of all kinds. Its main objective is to improve the life of its patients by constantly investigating, so all the information and technology provided by them is pretty much updates. SaluStim works by sending electrical impulses through your ear which stimulates your brain and ears. It also includes music therapy to maximize results so you can feel total relief of inexistent internal sounds. Both approaches used together guarantees relief in only 8 weeks if used at least 1 hour per day. Both approaches are also customized so it is different for every person.

If you have already read other Tinnitus Treatment Centre Reviews you may know it is a very reliable product because it was approved by the Helsinki Ear Institute and by the European Union as well. If you want to order it, you have to go to and follow the steps indicated there. You will have to do an assessment from your computer that will determine the level of your tinnitus so they can customize the treatment for you. Then, you have the option to buy it or even a rental period of three months if you are not fully convinced. They do not recommend its use to people suffering from epilepsy, heart issues and to children who are under the age of 12. In any case, always ask to your personal doctor before taking a decision!

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