is health care a right or a privilege

Election Day was like Christmas morning for Republicans. During these elections, the party managed to take control of the White House by having a large number of people in both houses of the Congress. Of course, this situation means that the health care program developed by Barack Obama’s administration will be under the microscope. Why? Well, because the great question which divides the ideology of both parties is the following: is health care a right or a privilege? Considering that the White House is now on Trump’s direction, it is possible that, during this administration, healthcare will be considered as a privilege instead of a right.

Experts say that Obamacare will be sunk into the deepest waters of good intentions. The Republican party does not agree with this health policy and they will at least review it. So, it is possible that a lot of people who benefited from this program will be in trouble, once again, to get their health insurance or to go through medical procedures.

This is, of course, a matter of ideology. The Republicans think that people should be able to pay for expensive health insurance with their jobs while the Democrats consider that the government should help those people who can’t pay for it.

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